Amie T. Rangel - Artist

Statement: The Whey (way) n: to center

Center is my home: where I hold childhood close to heart; it is the foundation of my judgment, ethics, and relationships


Center is place: I reside in the middle of this bountiful state as it is central to the world’s source of produce, rich agriculturally, resources and incredible beauty


Center is my spiritual base: constantly fluctuating – feeling content, fear, humble, restless and eager


Center is lover to lover coming together at the same moment


Center is a meeting place for a community to unite, join in common thoughts, beliefs, and experiences


Center is strength of the body and mind in total balance


Center is bond between mother and child


Center is the cellular core on a microscopic level


Center is the sun of our earth’s orbit


Center is trusting in beliefs, faith and that we as humans are only but a small part of the greater whole


Center is where I have been transforming, bursting to push beyond, to grow, focus, yet continue to realize it is okay to settle and to return back to center time and time again 

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