Amie T. Rangel - Artist

Statement: The Hatchery

An abandoned airplane hangar nestled in a foothill property known as Badger Creek inspired the creation of these drawings.  As an artist rooted in a traditional observation-based practice, more often, my conceptual investigations build on preliminary intuition that continually challenges my technical abilities through the exploration of drawing.


Badger Creek has a rich history.  A thriving Synanon community previously used it during the 1960’s through the late 1980’s.  It then was renovated into a charter school run by residents of Baladullah, which means “City of God” in Arabic.  Since their departure over ten years ago, stray cattle looking for a place to beat the heat had largely inhabited the hangar, as well as the occasional squatter, which is still apparent throughout the building.  Most recently artists have begun to explore this site, generating paintings, drawings, prints, video, sound clips, installation, and performances pieces from their experiences.  It is now referred to as the Hatchery.

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