Amie T. Rangel - Artist

Statement: Dwelling

My new body of work, “Dwelling”, is in response to relocating to Albuquerque New Mexico in 2013.  All of the drawings and prints in this series depict select moments in time at an apartment complex located near my home.  This work builds on previous bodies of work, “The Whey (way) n: to Center” and “From the Observation Room”.  However, both of these series are that of interior research institutions or commercial agricultural facilities where I obtained access.  “Dwelling” is a slightly different approach in that I am not entering the spaces of the apartment units I am depicting.  I have become the voyeur or spectator witnessing the subtle changes of the various occupants arriving and departing, the changing of window coverings, graffiti painted-removed-painted again.  I am captivated by these moments, with an anthropological approach, silently watching its subject from a distance. I am compelled to passively observe, translating moments and nuances through perceptive and expressive drawings.


The drawings hold great attention to structural details like that of historical architectural renderings often juxtaposed with the surrounding environment translated through expressive mark making or completely stripping it away, leaving little trace. Revisiting a specific site over long periods of time builds a relationship and a perceptual connection, which often results in drastically editing structural details and shifting perspective.  Additionally, to validate or solidify a place I emphasize objects and forms that serve as artifacts or attributes of a specific space like that in religious iconography found in 13th and 14th century altarpieces.  However, in all of my work the attributes are that of mechanical, electrical, or operational components. 


My experience in each type of location presents a delicate balance of the sacred and the secular, restriction and protection, confinement and efficiency, authority and submission.  The organization of the different structures and how they are presented in my work is to raise awareness of spatial and social constructs within modern human society.  

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