Amie T. Rangel - Artist


I am an artist rooted in traditional methodologies, with an observation-based practice that is expressed through drawing, printmaking and installation. 


My work often investigates repetitive structures, both interior and exterior, through extensive research conducted on location over the course of several months or years.  Structures I am often compelled to explore are apartment complexes, research institutions, commercial agricultural facilities, and unconventional spaces such as an abandoned charter school in a retrofitted airplane hanger.  Many of these spaces often require permission from property owners or institution directors to gain access during the course of a given project.


Revisiting a specific site over long periods of time builds a personal relationship and emotional connection that allows my observations to redefine the function or purpose of a building or facility.   Investigating timelessness and ambiguity of space often results in drastically editing or distorting structural details and perspective. The intentional lack of contrast and color leaves little reference as to when or where these spaces exist.  Additionally, as means to validate or solidify a space I depict and emphasize objects and forms that serve as artifacts or attributes of a specific space, such as mechanical, electrical, or operational components and discarded remnants of furniture or trash. 


My experience in each location presents a delicate balance of the sacred and the secular, restriction and protection, confinement and efficiency, authority and submission.  The organization of the different types of structures such as research institutions, agricultural facilities and that of urban spaces found in hospitals, factories, prisons, and schools not only serve their function, but also speak of deeper social constructs.  The purpose of my work is to raise awareness of spatial constructs within modern human society.  

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